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Using Natural Healing methods and techniques to Correct Core Health Issues!

No Needles, pills, lotions or potions! No more Band-Aid Solutions!

As your Holistic Health  Practitioner  I specialise in:


Is a natural therapy using natural healing methods and techniques that tunes in much like a medical intuitive does to work out where issues have occured in your body and correcting them.

FlameTree is my foundation energy healing modality, that is because it gets results quickly and in every area of your life and those around you.

Chakra Healing

Distance Healing

Alternative Therapies

Reiki Therapy

Pranic Healing

Medical Intuitive Healer

Healing with Chakras

Stones for Healing

Natural Cures

What if I told you that your  body could fix itself? That you could stop all the  needles, pills, lotions and potions. What if there was a way that enabled  your body to fix itself, just like when you cut your finger. Do you tell your  body the responses and sequences that it does automatically to start the  healing process. Just as nature programmed the body to heal itself with a  particular sequence of events of chemical reactions the body wants to  address healing in a particular sequence.

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A Member of IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) AON Insured